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Welcome to the last century…

If you are as obsessed as I am about anything 20th century, from the Puffin Club to Utility clothing to
1970s supermarket packaging then this is the place for you. Secondary Modern is a gallery, a visual
diary and, yes, ok, a shop, but I have to sell some stuff otherwise I'd never be able to get out of my
house and my husband and children would leave me - if they could open the door.
So please look at the pictures, read the words, get in touch, maybe even buy something, All the 'Handmade'
items are made by me, from vintage and/or upcycled materials; the stationery is designed by
me and printed in England; the vintage bit and pieces I have picked up along the way.
You'll just have to hope I can get out of the house to the post office...
I'd love to hear from you - click here to send me an email.
And follow or like me on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest, links below. Thank you!
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