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Once in a while you need something that's genuinely unique and whether it's a cushion
for a particular interior or a memento for a special occasion, I can help. For instance, perhaps you really like a fabric I've used in a coffee cosy but you really want a cushion;

or you love the style of the lavender bags but you'd prefer something a bit Or pink - basically you want blue. It might be something as simple as wanting a
different coloured back to a cushion. Usually there'll be a small extra charge
but sometimes the bespoke service will be free (but please note that bespoke
orders are non-returnable and non-refundable). 
Get in touch either
by email here or via the contact form here and let's see if we can work it out. 
Click on the links below to view the fabrics.
(I'm always adding to my fabric collection so do keep checking back.)


Please note that most bespoke orders are non-returnable and non-refundable.

Some suggestions…

Drawstring bags


Zipped bags

Lavender bags


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