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Welcome to the Secondary Modern blog!

I can't quite believe it: after two months of hard slog and a steep technological learning curve, the Secondary Modern website and shop are finished. I expect I'll have to tinker with it over the coming weeks, but now I can get back to doing what I really love which is working with my beloved vintage textiles and images to create more lovely stuff. What have I learned? Mainly that October is far too late to think about Christmas products (I really should know this already, having been an art editor on a women's magazine in a previous life), but also that building an online shop is waaay more complex than I'd previously thought. It's a juggling act between distance selling regulations (labyrinthine), technical skills and doing right by potential customers. Small businesses, especially those creating unique products, need to shout to be heard amongst the stomping feet of the retail giants. Why don't you support them/us this Christmas? I'll be posting links to other independent maker websites in the next couple of weeks - there's quite a community out there: help it grow.

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